What we monitor

LIPS monitor liquor prices advertised in print and electronic media throughout New Zealand


Alcohol prices advertised on websites from leading liquor merchants nationwide.


Large metropolitan and provincial daily newspapers, suburban and community newspapers.


Promotional circulars distributed by supermarkets and liquor chains.

We record a lot of data on every liquor advertisement. From product & prices, through to information about retailers, discounts, media, audience and other promotion offers. These insights are available as data reports and chart-builder subscriptions from our members portal.

Sean Jowers, LIPS Ltd

Data Reports

Filter, download, build & integrate

Our raw data reports provide as little or as much information as you need. There are 3 different report types with varying amounts of data. You decide what alcohol types, sales channels and regions you need. Then simply login, filter and download the reports as csv files. Build your own pivot tables or charts to identify key trends, or integrate with your sales data to review the effectiveness of advertised promotions.

Chart Builder

Identify key insights instantly

Our chart-builder subscription lets you build your own graphs to instantly identify key advertising & pricing trends on selected brands, retailers, suppliers & regions. Knowledge is power. For fast insights, and quick decisions, this software allows you to optimize your pricing & promotion plans to maximize sales.

The data’s in the details

LIPS gives you analytics tools to measure and improve your sales performance.

  • Data Report Info Wee Nibble Mouthful Gobstopper
    Filter & download csv files
    12 Months History Data
    Date Advertised
    Item & Brand
    Advertised Price
    Unit Price/Litre
    Promotion Duration
    Channel & Retailer
    Media & Reach
    Supplier Details
    Advertised Discounts
    Image & Colour
    Advertising Location
    Promo Offers & Comments
Create your own graphs & reviews
Identify key advertising & pricing trends instantly

Select different products, brands, retailers, suppliers & regions

Select key measurements:
  • Advertising frequency
  • Average / lowest price
  • Share of voice
Compare advertising & pricing trends across 2 years rolling data
Save your charts & reviews
Export to Excel or Power Point
Charts update with new data each time you login

All subscriptions include minimum 3 x logins per company. Full training provided FOC.